Was Queen Mary I bloody or misunderstood?

Its been often told of Bloody Marys reign of tyrny and terror, but we never hear both sides. Was Mary bloody or misunderstood.
I think Mary was bloody!

During the reign of Queen Mary many protestants were declared heritics and burnt at the stake. These cruel actions inflicted on innocent people in her name, earned her the nickname: Bloody Mary! But many can argue that she was simply misunderstood.

Mary was the first daughter of Henry VIII. But after her birth, her father was infureated because her mother, Cathrine of Aragon, had not produced a male heir. He asked that the Pope grant his a divorce, but after his request was refused he created a new denomination: ‘ The Chrch of England’. He made himself head of the church which gave him permission to grant his own divorce. This would later cause centuries of bloodshed amoungst the English and Irish people.

Once Mary became Queen she ensured that England became a Catholic country and set about burning hundreds of Protestants. She became very unpopular, even with her husband: King Of Spain!
After the death of Thomas Cramer word got back of the King of Spain of her madness.

They try to defend her actions by saying that even common thiefs died buy hanging. But it makes her look far worse. She was punishing people for living freely, not harming anyone, and simply worshiping God in there own way.

The evidince clearly proves that Mary was truly mad and stuborn. But after many miscarriges and false pregnencies, maybe this is what drove her to her insanity.

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Shakespearian Tragedies

Shakespeare is the author of many intriguing stories and plays. He has told comedies, romantic stories and drama but what fascinates us most of all is his tales of dramatic events and tragic endings, which leaves the reader at the edge of their seats trying to unravel how their happy beginnings turn to turmoil! Lets start with Macbeth. A well-known story of tragic events and deaths of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Duncan, Lady Macduff, Little Macduff, Young Siward, and Seyton. The story starts with a appearance of the three very well-known witches. After a fight is fought and won against the rebel MacDonald, Macbeth and Banquo find the witches on the moor. They foretell there futures; they tell Macbeth of his future high-ranking in Scottish history and how Banquo will start a line of Scottish kings but will never be king himself. Treating the witches proficies with skepticism they carry on until they are greeted by Scottish generals congratulating  them on their victories against MacDonald’s armies. Indeed Macbeth is named Thane of Cowdor. Macbeth is truly fascinated by the possibility that the remainder of the witches’ prophecy—that he will be crowned king—may be true, but he does not know what to expect. Macbeth goes to visit King Duncan and decides they shall dine at Inverness Macbeth’s castle. He later tells his wife of the proficies and she suffers none of Macbeth’s certainty for she wants the kingship for him and wishes he kills King Duncan in order to obtain the throne. When King Duncan arrives at their castle Lady Macbeth overrides all of Macbeth’s objections and goes ahead with her plot to kill the King. In the end after many lives have been lost Macbeth dies the most tragic of deaths along with the rest of the main characters. Very tragic indeed!

But that is not all for Shakespeare has written many a tragic story like:

King Lear

In the opinion of many, this play is the most profound of all of Shakespeare’s plays.  King Lear learns through his madness, pain and sorrow what love really is, but dies because he didn’t learn soon enough.


This play tells the story of a primitive, childlike man, who after his life of intrigue, adventure, and love finds himself in a very civilized Italian lifestyle.   When he discovers that his love has been unfaithful, he feels as though he must hate the one he loves most.

Romeo and Juliet

Perhaps the most famous and well-known of Shakespeare’s plays, Romeo and Juliet tells the story of two lovers who were so emotionally entrapped in their own love that they didn’t think of what their consequences may be.  When all was against them, it led to their tragic deaths by their own hands, finally bringing there two feuding families together.


This was the last of William Shakespeare’s tragic plays, written in 1608.   Caius Maroius Coriolanus is displayed as an aggressive, tactless, and anti-social man.  He is very unsympathetic, hateful, and to forward and straight talking for his own good.  He is, on the other hand, admired for his strength and openness, but his former qualities make it impossible to love him as I have realised from studying, his character is similar to that of Mr Darcy in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice.

Titus Andronicus

Andronicus was adventurous, intelligent, elegant, and attractive, but had no moral sense at all.  He didn’t care what he did to others and we see his true side when he exposes his family of their love affairs.  He wants to become emperor so badly that he kills to get there, but he was only the emperor for a very short time.   Because of the violence he used to gain power, he angered many and was overthrown and killed.

Antony and Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the mistress and wife of Mark Antony.  they had three children together.  Cleopatra’s hold over Antony was great, and this lead him to do things which angered the Roman Empire.  Although they had a passionate affair, a wild marriage, and an awesome love for each other, they were not happy, and this led to each committing suicide.


When Hamlet’s father is killed, his ghost returns to his son to tell him he was murdered by Hamlet’s uncle and mother.  Hamlet is charged with revenge.   He has a play set up which reenact the circumstances of his father’s death in order to catch the two.


Classified as a tragedy, this play still has happier aspects.   Although both the Queen and her son die before the play ends, other characters still end up happy.  The King, for example, finds his sons and daughter, and so does not out grief in his wife and son, who killed herself and the child.

Julius Caesar

This play tells the story of a conspiracy to kill the Caesar.  One on the conspirators, Brutus,  is also Caesar’s friend, giving us the famous line, ‘Et tu, Brute?’  After the death, Antony incites a mob, which in turn kills the conspirators.

So there we have it! So many stories for Shakespeare to have told and many of them as you see are tragedies. Shakespeare was truly gifted with many talents and we now enjoy the outcome of them in the future.

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